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‘Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling’
they say.

We think that feeling is ‘belonging’; and that’s exactly what you discover with ColiveMe. The sense of belonging and community at ColiveMe is often the reason why people come back for more. What makes our community great is its diversity in cultures, talents and ideas.


So, whether you’re a travelling pack or a lone ranger; a yoga junkie or a wave cruiser; a sun seeker for the gap year, or a digital nomad on workation, at ColiveMe you'll be surrounded by fellow global natives who believe that life can be lived differently.


ColiveMe believes in working in collaboration with local partners, growing operations and entrepreneurs with big ideas. Therefore, our business model was made to allow local partners to present the ColiveMe experience with their own flavour of paradise.

ColiveMe was originally founded by Ismael Abedin, Spanish designer and nomad; today, it’s a growing network of partnerships with plans to expand across the world. Our principles are community and creating experiences that give people an opportunity for lifelong learning.


Love what we do and how we live at ColiveMe? Become a member. Memberships come with a series of perks accessible to you whether you’re in Kanda or Kuta. The idea is to make ColiveMe lifestyle possible for you, no matter where you travel in the world.


Talk to us to find out more.

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If you want to collaborate with us as partners, get in touch with us to test out the waters. This means starting out a ColiveMe in your own personal paradise, or organising a special experience, treatment, lesson or retreat at ColiveMe are all possible.

We’d love to hear from you; get in touch.


As a digital nomad in Sri Lanka, I struggled to find a place where I can enjoy nature, work, and be in a local neighborhood. Until I found ColiveMe.

David, Spain

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