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Whether you’re in Bali or Sri Lanka, set on a lone pilgrimage, an adventure with your soulmate or the greatest vacation with your tribe of friends, ColiveMe is where you can discover life-changing experiences and incredible island trips.



We take food experiences seriously because it affects everything from your energy to health and happiness. ColiveMe offers incredible pre-surf breakfasts, food choices that are organic, locally sourced and made to match palettes from around the world.



Both Kuta and Kanda are set close to exciting new landscapes, rich local cultures, ample stretches of pristine nature and opportunities to take the road less travelled somewhere serendipitous.



Whether you prefer going solo or coworking with an inspiring group, the ColiveMe experience goes both ways. Our coworking camp and private offices are perfect as microleases or long term rentals for digital nomads and those balancing family and work.



Find your place in a community of people connected to diverse cultures around the world; and who’ve come together because they share similar values and interests. It’s one incredible way to live life.



Yoga, traditional healthcare techniques and massages are part of the wellness culture at ColiveMe. We bring in certified practitioners from local medicinal traditions, who will help you understand the connection between nature and our bodies.



Heading to the pool for fun water play; a solo swim in oceans warm like bathwater; an evening dip in the jacuzzi; soaking up the sun under palm’s all part of the ColiveMe everyday rituals.

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Whether you want to link up with our surf school, rent a board, find out where the best breaks are, or just talk surf all day with a group of fellow ocean worshippers, ColiveMe is the place to be.



With our own skate pool and a constant stream of skaters passing through our community, ColiveMe is ideal for skater-nomads to live, ride and work in. Learn as a beginner, teach as a pro, or just cruise.



Our jungle immersions are pretty special. If you love going deep into the wild, ColiveMe team of explorers will take you through the tracks and paths uncovering secret glimpses into tropical jungles and their incredible wildlife.



Fancy seeing the gentle giants of the ocean up close? Seeing them in real life is as magical as an experience gets. ColiveMe can make a boat ride with a team of expert sea voyagers happen for your group.

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